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Rosy brings Real Yield On-chain

Based on Zk-proof infrastructure

Rosy takes advantage of market inefficiencies and proposes decentralized vaults on Arbitrum & BNB Chain, and achieves 49.2% APY with minimal risk. Your keys - Your Crypto.

Leveraging the best of Arbitrum ecosystem




May 2023

1,8 AUMUser

May 2023

Rosy Vaults vs HODL

How does it work?

Trading engine with an advanced risk-management technique in one single (soon-to-be) decentralized platform

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No identity verification, no loss of custodial rights - your keys, your crypto

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And make sure you have at least 1000 USD worth of crypto

Automation Started

Rosy reads your portfolio and manages it 24/7 without human interaction

Earn passively

Rosy grows your porfolio, and provides you with realtime portfolio analytics

What is RosyWhale

RosyWhale runs a tailor-made GAP 3.5 Trading strategy that outperforms HODL & DCA. It runs on major centralized exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bitget and soon on biggest DEXs

Rosy aims to maximze gains in Bull & Bear
ZK-based infrastructure allowing tradable ledgers
Fiat On-Ramp with lowest fees (Soon)
Risk adjusted returns (20%-80% APY)
Ability to focus on specific tokens

Token Utility

Real Yield

Protocol generated fees will be distributed to token stakers

Access to RosyShark

Higher Risk strategy (40-80% APY) only available to Token Stakers

Builders Group Access

Hang Out in one room with our strategy analysts and receive alpha

Small Cap Whale Fund

The strategy follows low-cap whales, only available for stakers

Vault Creation

Token stakers will be able to create strategy vaults and collect fees from depositors


Coming Soon

Tradable Wallets - Coins never leave your wallet
Fiat gateway - deposit from bank straight to a smart contract
Convert your TradingView script into a smart contract & share profits
Jump early into potential 100X coins (Exclusive for $ROSY stakers)

Frequently Asked Question

RosyWhale is in private Beta
Your keys - your crypto. We do not own or create wallets for users - Rosy connects to your exchange wallet via API keys without withdrawal rights. You are also able to connect via Metamask and use the strategy on a DEX.
We have performed forward-testing since January 2019 and achieved an averaged 49.2% APY. You just have to provide API keys to enable trading. No withdrawal rights are granted to us.
You can delete your API keys on the app and it will automatically stop trading. You can either sell your coins manually or click on “Sell All Positions” button. The engine will sell all your current positions to a stablecoin.
The engine starts trading automatically all the positions that you have in your Spot Account. If you decide not to trade a certain asset, move it to the Funding Account or create a subaccount.
Rosy loves bearish phases. It has time to accumulate coins for lower prices, average down the entry prices and makes sure your portfolio is ready for the next leg up. You may see a temporary drawdown on your portfolio. However, you are never overexposed to the market. The strategy does its best buying bottoms when the prices are crashing and selling during relief rallies.